Saturday, 21 January 2017

White sauce pasta

Boil half packet spagetti/ribbon . keep aside . braise half onion in ghee on low till pink.add little jeera.
Thereafter  Add cubed chicken ,salt, black pepper,garlic,ground green chillies n half tsp crushed jeera .
Add one cubed green n red pepper(cook for 7 min)therafter add I tin creamstyle sweet corn .
Now make a white sauce with 1 tsp butter and 1tspflour.braise few min .
Then add 1and quarter cup milk and quarter tsp black pepper .
stir for 5 min.
Braise mushrooms.
Add the spagetti to the chicken mixture and add the white sauce to the chicken and spagetti mixture .Thereafter add the fried mushrooms
lastly add cheese (white n yellow) to the pasta pot til cheese melts.

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