Sunday, 15 January 2017

Why should I marry you?

A mother arranged for
her son to meet a girl, who was religious.

The young man and the girl were left to talk and ask each other questions.

The young man, being a gentleman that he was, allowed the lady to question him first.

The young girl asked the young man a lot of questions. She asked about his life, education, friends, family, his habits, hobbies, lifestyle, enjoyment, pastime, experiences, his shoe size, etc.

The young man answered all of her questions calmly and politely, with smiles. The girl took up nearly all of the time and then asked the young man, "Do you have any question for me"?

The young man replied: “Its been a pleasure... I ONLY HAVE 3 QUESTIONS.”
The girl thought, 'WOW, ONLY 3 QUESTIONS!'

The young man's first question was:
"Who do you love the most in the world, someone whose love nothing would ever overcome?”
She replied: “This is an easy question, my mother obviously.” He smiled...

The second question:
“You said that you read a lot of Qura'an, could you tell me the meaning of one Surah you know?"
Hearing this, she went red with embarrassment and said: “I do not know the meaning of any yet, but I
am hoping to know soon, In Shaa Allah. I’ve been a bit busy.”

The third question was:
“I have been approached by many ladies for my hand in marriage; girls that are a lot prettier than you.
#So, why should I marry you???”

Hearing this, the young girl was outraged, she stormed off to her parents with fury, and said: “I do not want to marry this man as he has insulted my beauty, and

The young man and his parents were, once again, left without an agreement of marriage!

This time, the young man’s parents were really angry, and said, “what did you do to anger that girl, the family  is of noble repute, and
pleasant, and they are religious like you wanted. What did you ask the girl?"

The young man replied: “First, I asked her who she loves the most? She said her mother!

His parents were astounded: “So what is wrong with that?”

The young man replied;
"A believer is he who loves Allah (SWT) and the Prophet more than anyone else in the world. If a woman loves Allah (SWT) and the Prophet more than anyone, she will LOVE ME and RESPECT ME and stay faithful to me because of that love, and fear of Allah. And we can share this love, because this love is greater than lust for beauty or other mundane things.

The young man continued: “The second question I asked was if she could tell me the meaning of any surah of her liking. And she said none, because she hasn’t had the time yet.

So I thought of that Hadith, ‘All humans are dead except for those who have knowledge’. She has lived
over 30 years and not found ANY time to seek knowledge. Why would I marry a woman, who does not know her rights and responsibilities? And what
will she teach my children, except how to be negligent, because a mother is the best of teachers for her children. And a woman who has no time for Allah will not have time for her husband and kids.”

The third question:  "I told her that a lot of girls, prettier than her had approached me for marriage, #Why should I choose her? That is why she got angry".

The young man’s parents remarked: "That is a horrible thing to say, why would you do such a thing? We are going back there to apologise.”

The young man retorted: “I said this on purpose, to test whether she could control her anger.

The Prophet said: "DO not get angry", "Do not get angry ", "Do not get angry " when asked the recipe to become pious; because anger is from Shaytaan.

If a woman cannot control her anger with a stranger she has just met and goes telling her parents all that happened between them, do you think she will be able to control it with her husband?"

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