Wednesday, 1 February 2017

2 or 3 ingredient craze

Have U heard of the 2 or 3 ingredient craze :
☺Its a trend right now...
PANCAKES : 3 ingred. 1 cup cake flour ,1 cup water & 1 egg .Mix the flour & water together then add the egg. Spray & cook the pan .
PIZZA : 2 Ingreds. 1 cup greek yoghurt ( buttermilk or plain yoghurt ) ,2 cups self raising flour . Method .Roll thin out & blind bake for 8 -10 mins .Then add the topping on & bake until the cheese has melted .

DOUGNUTS : 3 Ingred. 500g pkt S.R.flour,175g butter or margarine & 350ml carton yoghurt,  fun flavour of choice- Put flour in bowl & mix in butter to from crumbs. Slowly mix in yoghurt to form a smooth dough. Should not be sticky. Let stand a bit then u can roll it out & make ring donuts or normal donuts

SCONES : 2 Ingred : 3 cups self raising flour and 550 ml cream ( 2 cups & 2 tbsp )! Mix through with a knife. Throw dough out on a floured surface and knead slightly till it forms a beautiful soft dough. Dough should be slightly sticky NOT dry!.
SCONES : 3 ingredient scones: 4 cups selfraising flour, 300ml fresh cream, 250ml lemonade (sprite) Method: sift flour in bowl make well, pour in cream, mix, then add lemonade. Knead,  roll into nice thickness, press with cookie cutter. Place in sprayed bakin tin. Bake in oven of 220deg for 12min. (before baking brush with little bit of milk and 1 egg) enjoy. You can add grated cheese in for savoury scone.
CHEESECAKE ( Fridge tart) : 3 Ingred :.l litre yoghurt any flavour, 1 pkt tennis biscuit, 1 tin condensed milk. Mix yog+milk, crumble biscuit in pyrex dish, pour the mixture over the biscuit, Heat in microwave for 4 mins,cool and chill in fridge.
BREAD  Ingred 500g self raising flour, 500ml buttermilk and pinch salt. mix tog, put in oiled bread tin and bake at 180 deg for 1 hour.

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