Thursday, 9 February 2017

Al Falaah Mothers Committee Fundraiser

2 February 2017
As salaam u alaikum
To whom it may concern,
Re: Appeal for sponsorship / Marketing at event
The Al Falaah Mothers Committee is an affiliation of the Parents Association of Al Falaah College. We are an independent fund raising organisation that strives to raise funds to assist the school with various projects that contribute towards the upliftment and betterment of the school facilities. We are also involved in an active zakaah programme and contribute towards various community projects. All the funds raised go towards these worthy causes, and all members associated with the committee do so on a purely voluntary basis.
Alhamdullilah with the grace of the Almighty, we have managed to assist the school with the construction of a new multi-purpose court, a new pre-school sensopathic area as well as benches and shading for students, to name a few.

Our fund raising initiatives include an annual ladies event that will be taking place on the 8th of March 2017 at NMJ in Morningside. This year the Mums Comm is raising funds for a construction of a swimming pool at the school.
We are calling on businesses to assist us in this worthy initiative. We are making a special appeal to you to sponsor any amount that would contribute towards the payment of our expenses ie hall, food, decor etc. We would be more than happy to promote your business at our event.
A donation certificate can also be provided to you should you require one for tax benefits.
Sponsorships can be made via eft or cash contributions. The banking details are as follows:
Bank: ​​​Nedbank Corporate Saver
Account Name:​​Al Falaah Womens Committee
Account Number:​9017347520
Branch Code:​​198765
Reference:​​Ladies event 2017

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.
We wait in anticipation for your support.
Kind Regards
For and on behalf of the Mums Comm,
Yasmin Suliman
Chairlady: AFCMC

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