Thursday, 9 February 2017

Albania - The Forgotten Land

Albania which is situated in Eastern Europe has a population of 80% Muslim. It was conquered during the Ottoman empire and was such a stronghold of deen that it was considered to be a mini Madina. Many great Ulama were produced in this country. Unfortunately Albania was hit by Communism which lasted for 50 years, hence deen was almost completely wiped out and an entire generation was deprived of Deen and people who were once Muslim were totally brainwashed.

During communism, Ulama and practicing Muslims were killed, musjids were destroyed, Quraans were burnt, fasting people were force to eat.
Despite these conditions, a handful of staunch believers used to secretly practice Islam in their homes during the late hours of the night, teaching the Quraan and Surahs to their children from memory in order to preserve the Quraan amongst themselves.
Alhamdulillah, through the grace and mercy of Allah communism ended in the early 90's, and the first Jamaats left for Albania from South Africa and UK.
Rahma Mercy a UK based organization under the leadership of Ml Khalil Patel, began the enormous task of the revival of Deen and have been working for the past 16-17 years within Albania and other Balkan states.
Al Imdaad Foundation have partnered with Rahma Mercy  for the past 3 years in establishing Madrasahs to assist in this monumental task of Reviving Deen in Albania and other Balkan States.
Plenty of dawah work still needs to be carried out in Albania.
Mothers of Mercy, in conjunction with Al Imdaad invites you to a Ladies Tea,  to highlight the plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Albania.
TIME: 9am to 12pm
COST: R100
All proceeds from this tea will be used to help our fellow Muslims in Albania.

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