Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Coconut cream prawns

• +/- 2kg deveined  prawns
• about 3 medium onions...finely chopped
• 1 x 50g tomato paste
• 3 x ripe tomatoes (pureed)
• 1 x 250ml fresh cream
• 1 x 250 ml plain yogurt
• 1 x 400ml coconut cream
• fresh dhania
• fresh curry leaves
• jeera powder
• tumeric powder
• chilli powder
• lemon juice
• salt
• sugar (1 x tsp)
• 2 x fresh green chillies, slit (optional)
• garlic paste
• ghee
• wash and devein prawns and leave aside to drain off excess water
• in pot: braise chopped onions in ghee with cinnamon sticks and a few cloves, curry leaves, green chillies
• in blender: add diced ripe tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic paste, tumeric, jeera,chilli powder, lemon juice, salt, sugar, a bit of dhania leaves, fresh cream, yoghurt and coconut cream.
• blend until well combined and add to pot only once the onions have turned a nice translucent colour.
• simmer until the mixture is nicely combined with ghee and onions
• add the prawns and cook until prawns are done
• garnish with left over chopped dhania
• enjoy with basmati rice/ rogani naan/ roti
• side dish - mixed veggies/ roast potatoes/ green salad/passion fruit & lemonade

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