Monday, 27 February 2017

*_Empowerment From The SUNNAH_*

🌹Dear Sisters....

❔Who are You...
❓Where Are You Going...

*❤Libasut Taqwa Institute Gets To The HEART Of The Matter!*

_🌍Discover Your SOUL Purpose In This World!_

❤Libasut Taqwa's Vital &  FREE Empowerment Classes Are Designed Especially For YOU & YOUR NEEDS As A Muslimah🌸

☀Covering Challenges Under The Sun:

🌹And Most Of ALL...

❤Your Connection With Your Glorious CREATOR.

🌅Taking You Out Of Darkness Into The Light With The Highest Of Empowerment :

✨The Illuminated Quraan And Sunnah AlhumduLILLAH!

❤Join Us Everyday Tuesdays:

*_Empowerment From The SUNNAH_*

💫Connect Your Heart To The Pristine Sunnah And Brighten Up Your Life...

❤Essential Coping Skills To Manage Your Day -to-day Challenges & Stress!

✏DATE: Tues 28 February 2017 / 1 Jamaadul Aakhir 1438
✏VENUE: 77 College Road , Asherville,Durban
✏TIME: 10:30am - 12:15pm
☎ Info:  0827866854

Model With Us
💍On The Ramp To Jannah 💍

We Love You For The Pleasure Of ALLAH❤

Share The Goodness 💝

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