Monday, 13 February 2017


_By Naadira Chhipa_

She uploads a hijaab clad pretty picture of herself. She is nervous as she has never shared a picture of herself on social media before she can feel the palpatations of her lonely heart accelerate as the likes start pouring in.

He always had her as a 'friend' on facebook never chatting or commenting on her page until now,he impatiently clicks the like button and comments on her pure and innocent beauty.They soon become well acquainted.

*They chat to each other everyday as she sees a potential marriage partner in him, he sees his next game in her. As the days turn into month's many promises  are made of undying love,commitment and Nikkah on which she builds beautiful dreams and hopes.*

She nervously looks around the coffee shop as he told her they need to meet in order to get to know each other before he can take the next step of meeting her parents and asking for her delicate hand in nikkah. She is not disappointed,her Prince charming is as handsome and sweet as his poetic words.

_*Soon they start meeting every weekend, she lies to her unsuspecting parents as to her whereabouts and sneaks into the cinema with her 'to be' husband. He whispers words of endearment and love which results in her trusting him with her body, mind and soul. Holding hands leads to other  "exploration" as they get to know each other.*_

After a few month's of  him pledging his undying love for her she notices a decline in the hourly watsapp messages and the phone calls seem to be less frequent after every meeting.When she finally plucks up the courage to ask him when is he deciding to bring his family to her house he shuts down. *No more messages, he deletes her off all social media and never replys to her numerous sms's and desperate calls.He did not even have the dignity to tell her that the illicit relationship was over for him as he quickly moves on to his next prey.*

She is left heartbroken and scarred for life. She will never again trust a man wholeheartedly. She will never again share her innermost thoughts and dreams with someone that will shatter them into pieces.She breaks down into tears that burn her soul as she sees him at the mall firmly holding the hands of another. It was all just a game to him a game he played well but soon got bored of.

He is just a boy not a man. A man never disrespects or toys with a woman's heart, body and trust.A man will not touch a woman out of the sanctity of Nikkah. *A man knows what he wants and will love you for a lifetime not just for pass time.*

If you have no intention of making her your wife stay away from her as she is a precious amanaah to her parents and will be another man's wife and mother to his children.

_May Allah bless us with the ability to raise good men. Aameen_

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