Monday, 13 February 2017


Abu Mūsa Ash'ari R.A narrates that a house had burnt down and it collapsed on its occupants at night. When Rasulullāh ﷺ was informed about the incident, he said: "Fire is your enemy. When you go to sleep, extinguish it."

_[Bukhari, Muslim]_

*1.* Sometimes due to negligence, a person can forget to put off a candle or any other item that uses fire. Hence, the fire can be a means of destruction. Thats why the hadith above teaches us that put off any fire before you go to sleep.

*2.* *Q.* Why is fire called our enemy?

*A.* Like how an enemy is a threat to our life and property, in the same way fire is a threat to ones life and property. It can destroy a person and his belongings too.


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