Monday, 20 February 2017

His missing puzzle piece

It was a icy cold Monday morning, the white blanket made of clouds looked as soft and feather light as candy floss.
The slight drizzle pit patted against the window sills and the smell of warm coffee being brewed filled the air and Zahraa was walking around in her warm pyjamas and fuzzy slippers.
"Zahraa, Ziyaad called earlier...he said he's coming over for lunch." Her mother said as she handed her a mug of coffee.
"Hmm, wonder what he wanted, it's not like I didn't speak to him last night." She frowned.
"Maybe he's finally going to propose to you, just like I always hear you hoping he would."
Zahraa turned shocked eyes to her mother.
"Mummy, you're my mother, you were not supposed to know things like that."
Her mother had laughed heartily before leaving her to finish up her breakfast.
And it was just as her mother had predicted...
Ziyaad had come for lunch and half way through eating mince biryani, he proposed.
"Is that how you propose?" Zahraa had stood up in a huff.
"How did you want it to be done? Me on my knees, a bouquet of roses and a ring?" Ziyaad laughed, his brown eyes crinkling at the corners.
"The ring atleast..." she looked away angrily.
Ziyaad sighed in defeat.
"Propose to the girl, but still she'll never be satisfied." He mumbled.
After washing his hand, he opened the front door and retrieved something before coming back in to a wide eyed Zahraa.
"Your roses sweetheart..." he handed her the huge bouquet of red roses.
Zahraa felt bad in an instant, for she looked at him with an apologetic smile.
"Hey Miss Ali, you thought I lost my romantic touch, didn't you?" He asked softly.
Zahraa shook her head at the same time he revealed a velvet box from his jacket pocket...
"Zahraa Ali, will you marry me?" Ziyaad smiled with his heart on his sleeve

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