Friday, 17 February 2017


(This short story accurately portrays the reason why the Muslims of today are the most oppressed nation on earth.The narrative couldn’t have been said better. Read and weep!!)
After the Mongols had savagely destroyed Baghdad, the Capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, and murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslims in cold blood, a daughter of the Hulaku Khan (the grand Tartari invader), one day decided to take a stroll amongst the ruins. As she was walking, she came across a small crowd of people.
“Why are all of you gathered here today?” she asked.
“We are standing in wait of a particular scholar,” came the reply.
Hulaku’s daughter then ordered that this particular scholar be presented before her, and the following interesting dialogue ensued between the two:
Daughter: “Don’t you Muslims have complete faith in Allâh?”
Scholar: “Surely, we do.”
Daughter: “Don’t you Muslims believe that whoever Allâh wishes to grant victory, He does so?”
Scholar: “Yes, we do believe in this.”

Daughter: “So didn’t your Allâh cause us to overpower you today?”
Scholar: “Yes, it happened by His wish.”
Daughter: “So isn’t this a sign that Allâh l♡ves us more than you?”
Scholar: “No.”
Daughter: “Why is this so?”
Scholar: “Did you ever witness the behaviour of a shepherd?”
Daughter: “Yes, I did.”
Scholar: “Does the shepherd sometimes keep a few dogs to keep his flock together?”
Daughter: “Yes, he does.”
Scholar: “Now please tell me – if a few sheep strays from the flock and does not heed the call of the shepherd to return,  what will he do?”
Daughter: “It’s only logical that he will send his dogs behind them to bring them back to the flock.”
Scholar: “For how long will the dogs chase the sheep?”
Daughter: “They will chase the sheep until they return to the flock.”
Scholar: “So you Tartars are just like the dogs of Allâh on this earth for us Muslims. Until we do not begin to fear Allâh and return to His obedience, your nation will continue hounding us, terrifying us and chasing us. We will never have peace and stability. Yes, when we return to our Creator, then your work will be done and we will once again regain power.”
There is a tremendous lesson for the entire Muslim ummah in the above conversation!!!

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