Friday, 24 February 2017


_By Naadira Chhipa_


🔹She carefully applies her Chanel liquid foundation with her soft and fluffy make up brush.The light in the room has to be bright to ensure perfect application of her Clinique powder and MAC Russian red lipstick.The jet black eyeliner is winged and her Kylie lipgloss is glazed on her duck pout.Picture perfect. ✨ *The selfie is her fardh and uploading the best one on social media is her utmost priority.*

🔹Her hair was done earlier in the day at a leading salon at the mall. She had her hair cut in short layers and coloured dark brown with blonde highlights to match her nude coloured dress. Her eyebrows neatly plucked and shaped in a trendy new tick form.Her legs waxed and smooth as she knew well that her mini dress exposed her beautiful long legs.

🔹The dress was designed by her favourite Ralph Lauren,it was just the way she wanted it, perfectly tight showing off her figure and exposing her fit body. She looked at herself in the full lenght mirror,a smile forming on her doll like face,she was so pleased with herself.Her reflection gave her validation and a sense of accomplishment.
_She slipped into her pink Jimmy choo heals,grabbed her Versace handbag and the keys to her Audi before kissing her husband and kids good night and leaving with her friends for a girl’s night out._

After an eventful night of partying and intermingling with friends and acquaintances,after getting pecked on the cheek and hugged by males she did not even know,after getting a million compliments from strangers, after dancing to her favourite songs and sipping on her favourite cocktails *she decided to end the party by driving to the beach to watch the sunrise. She did not live to see another sunrise…She crashed into a truck as she lost control of her car due to being under the influence of alcohol.*

🔹 _Her sisters are in tears as they cut her tight fitting dress out of her bruised body during her ghusl._

🔹 *Her mother cries silently as she watches the ladies carefully remove the make up and wash her daughters lifeless body which reeked of perfume and alcohol.*

🔹Her fancy hair which was cut and washed at a renowned salon was now being washed for the last time by her relatives.

🔹Her fit body which she only used the best and most fragrant shower gels and lotions on is now being washed with cheap fragrant free green soap and water.

🔹Her expensive jewellery,her designer dress,her immaculately applied makeup,her high heels,her fancy hair cut and her fit body…now washed by relatives on a cold steel bath and wrapped in a plain white kafan.Covered from head to toe.

🔹 *She was a mother,a wife,a sister,a daughter and a Muslimah.She she is just ‘the body’.*

_*This is the harsh reality of the temporary world we live in.Our mothers,our sisters,our aunties,our daughters even our grannies are becoming victims of this selfie life.*_


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