Sunday, 26 February 2017

*Reflections From The QUR'AAN*

🌥⚡🌧Living In The 21st Century Is A Challenge Of It's Own... Everyday Our Iman - Mind, Body & Soul Is Being Tested In All Facets Of Life

🌷One Woman Serves Many Roles: As A Daughter, A Wife, A Mother, A Daughter In Law, A Mother In Law.... Just How Do We Cope With All Our Many Obligations While Still Pleasing ALLAH?

🌟What Is the TRUE Purpose Of Your Life And How Can You Attain It?

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*Reflections From The QUR'AAN*

Continuation Of
❤ *Ayatul Kursi* In Progress...

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_From Al Qur'aan Al Azeem_

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✏DATE: Mon 27 February 2017/ 29 Jamaadul Awwal 1438
✏TIME: 10:30am - 12:15pm
✏VENUE: 77 College Road , Asherville
✏Admission: Free!
☎Info: 0827866854

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