Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Muslim Wedding Planner

Sophia Vally's motto in life: 'If you don't want to wed, you plan'.
And that's exactly what she was doing at her desk when her assistant entered with a frown marring her forehead.
"Miss Vally, if you keep this up, you're going to fret early." Amber scolded as she pulled the laptop from Sophia.
Sophia looked up in a daze, rubbing her tired eyes to get her focus straight.
"Amby! Pass it back! This has got to be perfect for tomorrow. There's so many details that I need to sort out, and so little time..." She trailed off when Amber shook her head like a mother would.
"You haven't eaten a proper meal since God knows when. I will only let you get back to work if you have something to eat. What can I order you?" Amber smiled as she placed the laptop back on the desk.

"You know I'd eat anything you order, so please place an order and we'll eat together. But for now..." she pulled her laptop towards her.
"Let me finish up what I started...I really don't understand how someone could want Cactus as their decor and not Roses or Gardenias." She groaned, and Amber grinned.
"They trust you to sparkle up a cactus decor, because they know you can and you are the Best wedding planner around this town, around this country..."
Sophia laughed at Amber's exaggeration, but deep down she knew that her assistant was right.
Sophia had won the 'Most Efficient Wedding Planner' awards in three consecutive years and that was not all, she had taken the World by storm when she had won the title of 'Best Wedding Planner Of All Time'.
Shaking the thought off, she busied herself on the laptop, ignoring the glare she was receiving from Amber as she made the call to the halaal take away down the street.
"I'm waiting for the day you plan your own wedding. Everybody would be so happy... And then atleast you can take a break from all this..." Amber gestured to the files and documents spread on the desk.
"Then you're waiting on a day that you're never going to see. I'm not interested in marrying, I'll stick to planning other people's weddings. By the way, when are you and Michael planning on getting married? I can just picture my decor come to life for that wedding." Sophia changed the topic with grace and was glad when Amber went dewy eyed at the mention of her long term boyfriend.
"You'll be planning that one really soon, he's thinking of a winter wedding." Amber sank on the chair opposite her boss.
"Winter wedding huh? I wonder why...hmm... The cold nights and..." Sophia trailed off dramatically.
"Oh Sophie! You too..." Amber blushed.
And it was a long night...By the time Sophia switched off the lights and locked up her office, she was dog tired yet waiting in anticipation for the wedding events to unfold the next day.

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