Monday, 13 February 2017

The power of Ayaatul Kursi


Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood Radiallahu Anhu said, "When a man from the companions of Rasulullaah Salillahu Alaihe Wasalam  met a man from the Jinn and they wrestled, the human floored the Jinn. The Jinn asked for another wrestling bout and this time the human floored him yet again.

The human then asked, 'You appear to be extremely feeble and pale and your forearms resemble those of a dog. Are all of you Jinn like this?' 'No, By Allaah!' the Jinn replied, 'Some of us are very powerfully built.

Nevertheless, wrestle me for the third time and if you manage to floor me again, I shall teach you something that will be of great benefit to you.' The human fought him again and after flooring him, said, 'Come tell me what it is.' 'Do you recite Aayatul Kursi?' the Jinn enquired. When the human told him that he did, the Jinn said, 'Whenever you recite it in your house, every Shaytaan vacates the house, braying like a donkey and will not enter again until the morning.'"

"O Abu Abdur Rahmaan!" someone asked Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood Radiallahu Anhu, "Who was that companion of Rasulullaah Salillahu Alaihe Wasalam  ?

" Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood Radiallahu Anhu frowned, turned to the person and replied, "Who else could he be but Hadhrat Umar Radiallahu Anhu"


(Tabraani. Haythami (Vol.9 Pg.71) has commented on the chain of narrators. Abu Nu'aym has reported a similar narration in his Dalaa'il (Pg.131) - Taken from the book 100 stories about Umar Radiallahu Anhu)

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