Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Turner of hearts...

Slightly long but worth every word.....

Last year I had gotten to visit the city of the prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.  A close friend who was studying there wanted to take me to one of his teachers.  His teacher was not famous, there were surely scholars in the blessed city of Medinah who were more famous than him.  But he had a title that he wore proudly, "Al-Murabbi", meaning someone who nurtured and developed others.  And that he did ma sha Allah.

And so we went.  We prayed Jumu'ah and then we went to the side of town that the shaykh's office was.  He had a habit, I was informed, after Jumu'ah his office is open for all who wish to attend.  He gives a reminder and then he feeds all who are present out of his own pocket.  Every week he does this. 

We entered into a large Arab style living room.  We sat on couches that had headrests with little slots in them from where tissue paper peeked out.  I remember thinking that was ingenious.  The shaykh was speaking, and everyone who entered quietly would come and find a seat.  Upon doing so, they would immediately be served by someone offering them Saudi coffee and dates, all the while everyone's eyes where gazing at the shaykh, their ears and hearts attentive. 

The Shaykh had been building up to a point in his short talk masterfully and then said, "I want everyone here to pay attention to what I am about to say.  Those of you who have the ability to memorize, memorize this.  Those who cannot, please write this down." Immediately cell phones began emerging from pockets as people prepared to write down what he said. 

I am sharing this entire story just to tell you what he said.  I haven't forgotten it since.  Are you ready to write it down?

The shaykh then said, "  إن قلب من إ لتفت إليه بيد من أعرضت عنه "

"The heart of the one you turn to, is in the Hand of the One you turn away from."

That was it.  And that was the lesson of a lifetime. How many things in a day do we request of other people?  How many things in our life are waiting for someone else to say "yes" to? From visas  to job promotions, from vacation days to marriage proposals.  And for these things we submit applications and requests, we persuade, argue and try to maneuver hearts as best we can.  

But every heart that you ever turn to, every heart that you try to persuade for *anything*, big or small, seemingly insignificant or life changing.. is all in the control of the One you turn away from. 

And so if you ask..Ask Allah...

And if you seek the help of anyone..Seek the help of Allah...

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