Monday, 20 March 2017


by Naadira Chhipa

Not every problem needs to be fixed right now,give yourself time,everything works out at the end.

Not every negative situation needs to be stressed over,breathe,you will get through this just like you did before.

Not every battle is worth fighting,choose your battles wisely.

Not every wrinkle,pimple,grey hair,scar,double chin,dark circles need to be covered,embrace and love yourself just the way you are.

Not every individual you meet has a hidden agenda,there are still many sincerely kind people around.

Not every heartbreak is a tragedy,it can also be a great lesson and blessing in disguise.

Not every insult or criticism is worth obsessing over for the rest of your life,let it go,for your own peace of mind.

Not every pain needs to be healed immediately,some wounds take more than a lifetime to heal.

Not every memory needs to be captured by a camera,some precious memories are captured and stored in the depths of your heart and mind.

Not every aspect of your life needs to be shared on social media,remain a sweet mystery.

Not every face wears a mask of deception,some are authentic in an artificial world.

Not every failure is a disappointment,use it as a stepping stone towards your next success.

Not every cake will bake to perfection,eat it with some cream,it will taste divine.

Not every action needs a reaction.

Not everyday will be sunny, exciting,awesome,brilliant or happy but you can find beauty even on a cloudy day,it's just a smile away.

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