Friday, 3 March 2017

Health Workshop

"Let food 🍋🍒🍉be thy medicine and medicine be thy 🍓🍏🍊food. Razia Jada will be hosting a health workshop on Wednesday 8 March, Thursday 9 March (both days ladies only)and Sunday  12  March ( men & ladies) at Kikis in Sparks Road . Durban . Time.  9.45 . Starting at 10.
Nutrition plays a very important role in healing the body. Learn how to improve your health and reverse  existing health conditions, how to make your own 'kefir' highly essential to healing your gut and building your immune system, learn how to make delicious substitute🍟🍔🍕/🍲🍨🌽 and gluten free recipes and learn about synthetic 💊 versus whole food supplements 🍅🍆🍌.  The body has an AMAZING ability to heal itself given the right nutrition🍯🍐🍍.  Call ☎ Shameema on 0822650119 now to book📝 your space. If you want  to join my whatsapp health group please meassage your name and surname to 0814035120 and unlock 🔓the door to good health 💪🏃💃. Too many people are on toxic medication  and suffering from side effects. Learn how nutrition can heal you. This workshop is FREE  however a  fee of R30 will be charged for venue but this includes a healthy breakfast.🍵🍯🍳☕ The workshop is not only for those that have a medical issue but also for those who  want to prevent any medical issue and attain wellness. At the workshop you will meet people who attended last years workshop and have completely changed their health .  Pls BC. If you do not need this there may be someone else that needs to improve their health that may benefit إن شـآء ال

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