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_AS dusk is Approaching, this knowledge will be very beneficial to every parent who wishes no harm to their household, Inshaa Allah_

_The prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said:_

_*”After the sun sets, Hold on to your kids, as the Devils are spreading at that time.*_
_*After an hour has gone past you can let them go,*_
_*But keep your doors closed while making Dhikr* (saying Bismillah), *as the Devil does not open a closed door*_
_*And close any water bottle, while making Dhikr and put the lid on any pan while making Dhikir, even if you cover them with anything and turn your lights off”*_

🌹 *SOURCE:* *```Al-Bukhari  #3280 and Muslim #2012```*

_The prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said:_

_*”Do not send your kids or animals* (such as sheep, cattle or camels) *after the sun sets, until the darkness of Eshaa falls, As the devils are being discharged between those times”*_

🌹 *SOURCE:* *```Muslim #2013```*

💡 *You might be asking yourself:*

*```“What could possibly be the reason behind this❓```*
*```What happens between Maghreb and Eshaa❓”```*

_Well, what happens is that the Shayateen (devils) start to look for a place to hide, as they move around earth in large numbers, Only Allah knows how many and they move in extremely fast speed, much faster than we can imagine._

_This of course poses a threat to some as they might get crushed by other devils. So they start looking for a place to hide._

_The Hadeeth is explaining to us what the devils might do in their search for a safe place to hide:_

_Some of them might enter a bottle and stay there until it’s safe,_
_Some might hide in a saucepan, or a bucket and some might enter the house of a human._

_A Shaytwaan might hide behind a group of humans who are unaware of this._

_With those humans not making any Dhikr the Shaytaan is safe from the crushing power of other Shayateen roaming the Earth like a hurricane._

_It is in the nature of Shayateen to hide in dirty places, such as toilets, rubbish bins…etc._

_They might also get into a child who doesn’t know yet how to make Dhikr  and stay inside that child until it’s safe to get out._

_The parents of that child might notice a sudden change of mood in their child’s behaviour._

_The parents might think that the child needs to be disciplined when the child might cry as he/she is bothered by the Shayateen in his body._

_One of the biggest attractions to Shayateen is nappies, as it’s dirty and it belongs to a child who doesn’t know yet how to make Tahseen (prevention from Devils by reading Qur'an and making Du'a)._

🌹 _Therefore we remind Muslims to be careful and not to let their doors open between Maghrib and Isha._

_They also should read Qur'an aloud around their children to prevent Shayateen from seeking refuge in their tiny bodies._

_*May Allah protect us all from Shayateen andm prevent them from harming our children…*_

*```Aameen```* please share this message with others who may benefit


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