Thursday, 2 March 2017


1⃣. *Hidaayah هداية*
Guidance from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*
2⃣. *Maghfirah مغفرة*
Forgiveness from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ)
3⃣. *Nusrah نصرة*
Help from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*)
4⃣ *Qubuliyah قبولية*
Acceptance from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*
5⃣. *Aafiyah عافية*
Good health & ease from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*
6⃣ Hifaazah *حفاظة*
Protection from Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*

Yaa Allah *ﷲ ﷻ*
🔊Be with us in every step that we take,
🔊Guide us with each decision we make.
🔊Help us when life gets rough,
🔊Lift us when we’ve had enough.
🔊Protect us when we fall.
🔊Hear us when we call.
🔊Let our duas always be accepted,
🔊and become better muslims after we have repented.
🔊Let us fulfill Your commands without a fuss.
🔊Shower Your choicest blessings upon us.
🔊Protect us in all actions that we do.
Be rewarded for our good deeds, even if they're just a few.
🔊Jannah become our one true goal.
🔊Allah *ﷲ ﷻ* have mercy on our souls.
🔊You protect us from harm,
🔊And fill our hearts with the light of Imaan.
🔊You bless us with clear vision,
And elevate us with the greatness of Islam.
آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

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