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*Turmoil of the tongue* - *the ferocious five*

There is an English phrase _‘You are what you eat’_. I beg to differ. I believe it should be _‘You are what you utter’_. The Hadith of Nabi S.A.W. speaks of five types of people that are Shaytaan’s bosom buddies.

*1. The Insulter*
When that lady’s obesity is mocked, it’s not a joke anymore.

One of the wives of Nabi S.A.W., Safiyyah R.A., was once referred to as ‘Qaseerah’ which literally translates to ‘shorty’. This of course broke her heart. Nabi S.A.W. informed that person...

_“…You have uttered such a word that if it has to be dropped into the oceans, it will turn the oceans bitter” (Abu Dawud)_

*2. The Two-Face*
_‘Ay I don’t know what kind of people they are. Breakfast time just one lousy cup of tea and rusks. No biscuits and cakes.’_ All this after staying for free at their house for an entire week. What’s worst is at their house, the person said the same thing about the people that he/she is currently staying with.

_“On the day of Judgement, you will find the two-faced lot to be the worst of people, those that go to one group with one face and then meet the next group with a different face.” (Bukhari)_

*3. The Judge*
I always say that sometimes those closest to Allah are the most distant from people. Those that we don’t worry about, those that the community doesn’t care about, those are known as ‘write-offs’, sometimes they could be the closest to Allah.

Nabi S.A.W. said: _“He who accuses his brother of a sin (that he has made Taubah from) will not die until he gets involved in that same sin.”_

*4. The Chatterbox*
There is nothing wrong in being a chatterbox, but the more you talk, the greater your chances of destroying your ibaadat.

_“A man with the habit of silence (with average Ibaadat) is better off than a man with sixty years of Nafl Ibaadat (but he talks a lot).” (Mishkaat)_

*5. The Biter*
Backbiting or gossip is not only disliked by Allah, but it also destroys your good deeds. Sometimes, we end up gossiping in the person’s presence. Like when we give eye indications to our sister or cousin about a certain aunty by the table when she dishes out a 3rd helping.

Ibn Abbas R.A. narrates: _“Two people were performing Salaah while they were fasting. When Nabi S.A.W. completed his Salaah, he called them and asked them to repeat their Wudhu and Salaah. He also told them to keep Qadha of their fasts. They asked: What is the reason for this oh messenger of Allah. Nabi S.A.W. replied: The two of you were gossiping about a certain person.” (Mishkaat)_

‘Ugly’ is commonly linked to the face. How wrong are we. It rightfully should be linked to the tongue.

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