Thursday, 6 April 2017


Strawberry crush:
Woolies strawberry crush and 2punnets strawberry’s chopped }blend together .. 2bottle of woolies strawberry cranberry juice (if u cnt find it use 1bottle strawberry juice n 1bottle cranberry juice) and little water, freeze,remove ½ and hour before serving, should be nice n slushy , or while frozen, use your stick blender to crush it slushy(if u gonna use stick blender then chill the strawberry cranberry juice,pour it over the frozen mixture so it’s easier to blend

Apple n lime teaser
1 cup passion fruit cordial, 2 green apples peeled n rem seeds. Liquidise in a L of water 1 lemon liquidize in three cups water , strain and add to apple mixture, add ur cordial and grate one apple , serve chilled.

Strawberry crush :
1 punnet strawberry. Liquidise with two cups water and one dishing out spoon sugar 1 cup strawberry cordial. 1 cup tropical juice (anyone, doesn’t have to be any specific one) , mix together n pour in a jug, u could freeze mixture and remove half an hour before serving. For a fizzy flavour add lemonade.

1 cup cocopine syryp (dias). Half a pineapple and one tin coconut milk liquidize together. In u jug add your syrup, then liquidised mixture and top up with woolies pine flavoured fizz coldrink.

Pomegranate pleasure
Pomegranate cordial 1 cup, 2 cups pomegranate juice (pnp). And lemonade. In a jug put crushed ice then cordial then juice then lemonade.

Tropical juice
Makes ± 6 litrs. 1 kg of strawberries. 1 l water liquidise. 1 lemon, remove seeds 1 l water liquidise and strain. 1 pineapple cleaned n cubed and 1 l water liquidise. ( If pine is sourish add a cup sugar when liquidising). 1 l orange juice (woolies). 2 tea bags boil with 1 L water (u can use flavour infused tea bags,or rooibos tea). Make a syryp of of two cups sugar to one cup water. Mix everything together and freeze for few hours before serving,

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