Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Collection of soup recipes

Weetbix haleem
1 ½ cups jungle oats
6 weetbix
2 ½ liters waters
2 tsp salt
Soak weetbix and jungle oats in water and salt. Bring it to boil till it’s cooked for about half an hour, when cool liquidize.
1 cup chicken fillet (cubed)
3 tblsp ghee
1 med onion (grated)
1 tsp ginger garlic masala
1 ½ tsp ground green chillies
½ tsp arad
1 tsp salt

Fry onion in ghee till done, add masalas and spices and braise thereafter add chicken fillet and cook till done, add weetbix mixture and bring to boil
1 tblsp ghee
½  med onion sliced
3 whole green chillies
1 tsp jeeru
Green dhana for garnishing
Fry onion, green chillies and jeeru till nice and pink, add to haleem and garnish with dhana


1 butternut
1 potato
Boil together

1 onion
3 chicken fillet (cubed)
1 tsp salt
Green masala and dry dhana
Make vagaar, braise masala and chicken fillet and cook till dry. Liquidize butternut and potato, add puree to chicken with a tin of coconut milk and some water, boil everything together. Garnish with greens.


1 onion
3 pieces chicken fillet (cubed)
1 carrot (cubed)
1 tsp jeeru
Little whole black pepper
1 tsp green masala
2 Tbsp ginger

Braise masalas and add chicken fillet and carrots, once water is burnt out, add handful of oats, fill water to ¾ of pot and boil till nice and thick. Garnish with greens and serve with toast.


1 liter water
1 liter milk
1 tin cream style sweet corn
3 chicken fillets (cubed)
Salt and pepper
Green chillies
Lemon juice
1 pkt mix veg soup
2 tblsp maizena
250 ml cream

•    Boil milk and water together
•    When boiled add 1 pkt soup and leave to boil until thick.
•    Separately cook chicken with spices, once chicken is cooked add to soup with sweet corn,
•    Lastly add maizena paste to thicken.
•    Before serving add cream

Creamy chinese soup

3 pieces fillet cubed
1/2 cup frozen corn
1 tub fresh cream
1 tblsp green masala
1 tsp rough dhana
1 tsp fine jeero
Little arad
1 tsp garlic
Fresh dhania
1 chillie
1 pkt macaroni boiled keep aside
1 onion cut very fine

Take oil chicken nd corn onion fry little then add ur green masala nd all other masala now add 3 cups water nd boil then add macaroni boil again then add ur fresh creamm nd fresh dhana boil as it boils add a chopped up chillie then off ur stove serve hot with ciabata bread

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