Monday, 1 May 2017

Divorced or widowed

By Naadira Chhipa
She once had a family just like you do.A loving husband who treasured her and his children, who was her garment of protection and comfort.Today she is alone, stripped off that garment, her tears and fears transparent for the world to see.He passed away in a fatal car accident which shattered her life forever.Her title of a wife was taken away , she was now a widow and a single mother.

She married her high school sweetheart and she adored him even though he had anger management issues.She thought she could change him.He loved her yet he worshipped his nafs.The day she confronted him about the drugs she found in his closet was the day he beat her so badly she needed to be rushed to the hospital.Never did she return to him.A divorce was issued and a marriage as well a love story ended.She was once a wife who loved her husband and best friend more than her life now she is a divorcee.

She was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen.An epitome of beauty and youth. As she made her way towards him all he noticed was her body in that black mini dress.She was his new secretary and soon to be mistress.His wife soon found out about his affair and their 30 year old marriage and relationship ended within a blink of an eye.His wife who raised his children, took care of his household while he worked long hours, supported him when he had nothing and stood by him when he needed her most was now a divorcee at 50.

They were married for only a month and the glow of a new bride was still evident on her face the day she found out her beloved husband had been hijacked and brutally murdered.She could not be comforted, no words could do justice to the storm of emotions that drowned her.She was just bestowed with the beautiful identity of a wife and now she was ripped off it.Her new bride title was quickly changed to young widow.

Before we blame and shame divorcees, before we feel threatened by widows, before we ostracize and gossip about their situation let us reflect and try to see ourselves in the same position.What if your husband had to leave this world today, will you be strong enough to face the world as a widow and a single mother?What if your husband issued you with three talaaqs after a heated argument, will you survive the gossip and labelling?Before we start gossiping and slandering these beautiful woman we need to realise that they are our sisters on Islam and we should be their support, friend, confidant and strength.We should assist and make dua for them as this to is a test for them from Allah and today it is them yet tomorrow it may be you.

May Allah grant us the ability to erase this negative mindset and stigma attached to divorcees and widows.May Allah grant them strength and patience to weather their storms and reach their island of hope as he alone knows the precious treasures which awaits them in the hereafter.Ameen.

Remember to consider these dear sisters when seeking a spouse for your sons and never discourage such a nikkah.

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