Monday, 15 May 2017


Credit @ Binte Yakub
*I used an empty 450grm yoghurt tub to measure out the quantities*
Also added in creamed sweetcorn.
*Ingredients & Method:*
*A* 2 tubs mashed potatoes (add in salt, green chillie paste, jeeru powder, black pepper n 1 level tspn citric acid, all to taste)
*B* 1 tub cooked diced chicken (cook in 2 Tblspns butter with salt, black pepper, ginger paste, garlic paste, paprika and pinch of turmeric, again all to taste)
*C* When chicken is nearly cooked, add in 1 Tblspn lemon juice n half tub creamed sweetcorn (or frozen boiled sweetcorn (spread on clean cotton towel to remove excess moisture) whizzed in magimix till grainy), mix n adjust spices to taste.
*D*1 tub raw spaghetti broke in small pieces. (Boil in salted water with 1 Tblspn oil, till done, then drain and spread on clean cotton towel to absorb excess moisture.
*E* 1 tub grated cheddar cheese.
*F* Mix all the above ingredients well. Add in 1/2 tub chopped green dhania and 1/4 tub chopped spring onions.
*G*Shape mixture in rounds and flatten slightly to form cutlets. Layer on plastic sheets in tray and freeze. This makes it easier to handle when egg n breadcrumbing.
*H* Dip in egg (whisked with salt, red chillie and pinch of turmeric) n breadcrumb and refreeze to use as required.
*G*Serve hot with your favourite sauce/chutney X

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