Saturday, 13 May 2017

People in glass houses......

By Naadira Chhipa
Your daughter started wearing the niqaab Alhamdullilah and you are so proud of her yet this pride causes you to gossip,mock and comment on your niece who is struggling to wear her hijaab yet you have no idea that your daughter is chatting to 'friends' on facebook late into the night and sends pictures of herself to strange men..People in glass houses

Your son has recently been divorced and yet you named and shamed his wife for  the breakdown of their marriage.After two weeks your cousin's son gets a divorce and you start calling up family to spread the news of divorce,commenting on how such a stunning wedding 'had to' end in divorce and insulting your cousin for her bad upbringing yet you could never accept that your daughter in law could not handle your son being a drug dealer hence they divorced.People in glass houses..

Your husband has had multiple affairs throughout the ten years of marriage and you knew about every one of them yet you never did leave as he showers you with all the material comforts your heart desires yet when your best friend suspects her husband of cheating you add fuel to the fire by slandering and making up stories about him being unfaithful to her.People in glass houses..

Your daughter in law confided in you about your son not assisting her in her daily chores around the house and you give her advice about him being 'the man' of the house and how it's not his duty yet the same afternoon your daughter complains to you about her husband never helping out with their three children and you lecture him for being an uncaring husband and father explaining to him that it is his duty to help his wife.People in glass houses..

People in glass houses should not throw stones....We should never throw stones of insult,gossip,lies and harsh comnents as we all have windows and if we all start throwing stones we would have to seal those windows which will ultimately lead to no sunshine or air coming into our lives hence a prison of our own minds.

We should rather stop peeping into the windows of our relatives,friends and neighbours lives and instead start cleaning our own windows as the dirt you are highlighting in their lives could just be a reflection of your own.

May Allah safeguard us from always looking to find fault in others and highlighting those faults yet ignoring and covering up our own and instead give us the ability to introspect and fix our own   faults while trying to cover the faults of others.Ameen.

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