Sunday, 21 May 2017

The broken packet

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed wrote:
The Broken Packet...
Are we collecting our good deeds in a broken packet?!
Beware of the broken packet..,

You make the best wudhu but waste a lot of water ( a broken packet)

You give alot of sadaqah to the poor , but you humiliate them and hurt them ( a broken packet)

You stand up for tahajjud, fast, and obey your Lord , but you cut your family ties and stop connecting with them. (broken packet)

You fast and have sabr for the pangs of hunger and thirst , but you swear , insult, curse ( broken packet)

You wear abaya and scarf, but your perfume is strong and it is forbidden!  (broken packet)

You have time for family and friends,
But you have no time for your neighbours, you don't even know them. ( broken packet)

You honour and are good to your guest ,
but when he leaves gossip about him and talk about all his flaws (broken packet )

Do not gather all your good deeds in a broken packet. You struggle to fill it whilst it easily runs out on the other side!

A thought provoking post by the Sheikh. So How do we keep the packet whole? We need to work on our intentions, on our interactions with others, on improving our character and to work hard to please our Creator. May the Almighty be pleased with us as we strive to please on Him, Most Merciful, Aameen❤️❤️

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