Sunday, 4 June 2017

Prevention is better than cure


1) *Surah Faatiha* prevents the Wrath of Allāh
2) *Surah Yaaseen* prevents the thirst on the Day of Qiyaamah.
3) *Surah Dukhaan* prevents from the terrors of Qiyaamah.
4) *Surah Waaqiah* prevents from poverty.
5) *Surah Mulk* prevents from the punishment of the grave.
6) *Surah Kauthar* prevents from the disputes of adversaries.
7) *Surah Kaafiroon* prevents from kufr at time of death.
8) *Surah Ikhlaas* prevents from hypocrisy.
9) *Surah Falaq* prevents from the jealousy of envious people.
10) *Surah Naas* prevents from waswaas (the shaytaan who cast evil thoughts in the mind).

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