Sunday, 13 August 2017

Attacks on character

Nouman Ali Khan

One of the most painful things a person has to deal with in life is an attack on their character. You and I should take comfort in knowing that dignity is granted by Allah and people's reckless comments and accusations can't take away what is only Allah's to give or remove. He knows what was said about you, what was true and what wasn't. None of it goes unnoticed and His justice is supreme. He knows the people who passed judgment on hearsay in matters that were none of their concern to begin with. Don't pray against these people. Allah will deal with them as He sees fit. He may choose to show them the error in their ways or allow them to drown in their own self-righteousness. That is for Him to decide. Instead, you and I should focus on the positive. We should also be grateful that we get to taste a drop of the kinds of unfair characterizations and insults the prophets and their followers faced throughout the ages. Our response shouldn't be to defend ourselves or lash out. It should be to turn to the Giver of dignity and serve Him more than ever before because He honors His slaves who serve Him with humility and leave their dignity and pride in His merciful hands.

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