Monday, 14 August 2017

Respect their homes and their hearts:

Written by Naadira Chhipa

When visiting relatives, even of it is your son or daughter be respectful, polite and cheerful.It is so easy for negative comments to ruin even the best of relationships and start huge misunderstandings. For example: A mother went to her daughters home to visit her and upon entering her kitchen she starts commenting on the kitchen curtains, which 'need' to be changed and the fridge that needs to be 'upgraded'.Now these comments affected her daughters mind and hurt her heart. As soon as her mother leaves she begins arguing with her husband about the old curtain and the outdated fridge. This never troubled her before her mothers comments yet it ended in a huge argument between a husband and a wife who were happy and grateful for whatever they had. Her mothers intention was never to cause a feud between her daughter and son in law yet her comments did hence we should think before commenting on the lifestyle and homes of our loved ones. When visiting the homes of your family and friends respect their choices and their home, if you need to advise them on something do it privately and choose the best of words, instead of criticising and insulting try to motivate and uplift.Always leave a home and its people in a beautiful and cheerful mood.Spread and illuminate love, happiness and peace.

Always remember when visiting family and friends be grateful for whatever they share with you even if it is a slice of bread and water as this maybe all they have at the time. Never complain or worse gossip about the type of food that your hosts graciously served.This also applies to family gatherings, weddings and walimahs. Duas should be given to the hosts as well as sincere gratitude for the meals they have provided.May Allah bless us with the ability to illuminate and provide happiness to the homes and hearts of our loved ones. Ameen

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