Tuesday, 19 September 2017

F'Aymaans Couture

Her love for fashion design grew from younger years.She explored her creativity in fashion from 2004  & finally decided to take it to the next level.She has always been creative from her image to her kitchen & designed exclusive couture gifts , she then explored eastern wear clothing in 2014 and experimented on her own wardrobe with her talents.. Femz has a lot to offer as a designer and has been inspired by a circle of admirers and well wishers who constantly compliment her creativity in fashion. Her fashion is her expression of passion ,color & a sense of fulfillment to inspiring others to love the way they look and feel confident in their bodies, designs for the fuller figure that flatters the shape of the model, highlighting elegance without compromising their modesty.A flexible range that can be worn as glamour wear and also as evening or casual wear.Exposure  to fabrics ,designs ,cuts and richness of india. Has inspired her more...
F'Aymaans Couture Is Greatly Inspired by Life & The Love Of her kids that bring out the love in her exclusive designs..
Get Ready For HautÈ Cosmetology :
The Beautiful Jasmine HautÈ  brings more Inspiration to the season by Featuring  F'Aymaans Couture  & HautÈ Makeup Design in Rosebank  Launching The Signature Collection for 2017. Seats Are Limited for the Cosmetology workshop & HautÈ Show.  The workshop features express makeovers instant makeovers , red carpet demos & secrets of cosmetic science . A Viby Fun Filled Beauty Exotica Indulgence that will Inspire You To Love Yourself Each Moment Of Life. To Celebrate Your Aura In Every Magnetic way possible ...
For Bookings Contact Amina Khan 060 863 8475

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