Friday, 8 September 2017

I have learnt... that Free has no value...

I have helped a lot of people with marketing for Free since I started my media marketing business. I have had a whole host of free loaders that got into my circle simply to take advantage of me and my network.  I on the other hand "the softie" that I was always gave them my 101%.
I offered media partnerships to non entities bringing them to the forefront of the public eye, etc with no real benefit to myself. All I wanted was to help and empower others. Yet when they grew they didnt take on any of my paid services. Not one. Not even an ad package for R50 or R100. In fact they signed on paid partnerships with others at much higher fees than mine.
As I continued on my journey, I sussed out the "time wasters" and free loaders. And for my own equilibrium I cut them off.
Media Marketing is my business. No I dont work to go on luxurious holidays or splurge on luxuries. I work to put a roof over my head. I work to put food on my table. Yes rozi comes from Allah but effort has to come from us.
If a business or individual Can pay other businesses to do what I do for them for free, it really doesnt warrant them expecting me to do free work for them.
So where I will continue to offer free options on a certain level, I have closed the free options on many other levels.

Shireen M

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