Monday, 16 October 2017

Review... The Gazeebo

My daughter and I ended up @ The Gazeebo this afternoon for lunch. The aroma of seafood cooking together with being famished, and me just wanting rice, we got coaxed into ordering the Coconut Prawn Curry by the owner & culinary specialist _ Tasnim Ibrahim. I am always sampling prawn currys at the various eateries cos I jus love it, and then I match it up to my own. Thus far I never found one that reached my standard of perfection, until today that is.
Tasnim & The Gazeebo maybe new to the scene but their food is definitely of a high standard.
I'm not one for long reviews, and I'm highly fussy when it comes to food but over the past few days the hospitality of the family, my hectic schedules and the amazing cuisine has me coming back once too often.
The flavours are simply amazing and nothing that you will find anywhere else.
Tasnim makes all meals fresh and uses her own perfected recipes, even in her margination and sauces.

As they say the proof is in the pudding and her desserts have just wowed me.

Shireen M
@ DurbanMuslima

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