Monday, 18 December 2017

SWAG Designer Glare Glasses


It is a medical fact that 20% of body energy is used by the eyes. This is the most consumed by one single organ of the body. One-fifth of total energy is more energy used than the limbs (hands and legs combined) and more than any other organ in the body.

Hence the eyes contribute significantly to body fatigue, general stress and mood tension. By using SWAG designer glareglasses give your eyes a visual massage and reduce overall body tension and stress.

Brand new SWAG designer glareglasses

High quality frame finish with original wooden temples attached to durable proprionate rim by flexible stainless steel hinge. Propionate is 3 times lighter than acetate for enhanced comfort on the face. It is also 3 times stronger and retains shape unlike acetate which deforms over time.

Polished lenses cuts out light glare, color haloes and afterimages

* performance enhancing * unique Blue Light filter * Anti Reflective Coated lens * Safety Hardened * UV filter
* 1 year guarantee

Ideal for :
* computer * cellphone * TV * PlayStation * Gaming * nightdriving * office work * fluorescent lights * nightclub * nightfishing * target sports * shooting * archery * darts * bowling

Valued at R3000
Now only R999
with FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa

Get 1st TAKER advantage !
1st 100 purchases get a 2nd pair free.

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