Friday, 27 April 2018

Yasmin Mogahed SA Tour 2018

Ustadha YASMIN MOGAHED (USA) coming to DURBAN this July 2018: 

I Seek Change: Dealing with Depression, Stress, Loneliness, Sihr (Magic) Possession, Mental Health & more is coming to DURBAN for the 1st Time Ever! 


To all those suffering from sadness or depression, know that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t because you’re weak. It isn’t because you’re just not grateful enough. It isn’t because you’re just not religious enough. It isn’t because you don’t have enough faith. It isn’t because God is angry with you.

The One Day Course will cover:

Mental Health




Jinn Possession and its Realities

Discussing affective coping methods

And More

Open Q&A Session, Book Signing & More

Special Guest Speaker:

Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA)

Price: £21.50, 370 Rands

£25, 430 Rands after the 25th June 2018

Date: Sunday 15th July 2018


Time: 5:30pm-9:30pm (Doors open from 4pm, Maghrib at the venue)


Venue: Durban (Full details on website)

For more info and to book, please visit:

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