Monday, 28 May 2018

The advice I received today: Written by Naadira Chhipa 

Today as I was walking out of a 'home' for the elderly I was stopped by a 85 year old beautiful lady. She invited me and M.Armaan (my three year old) into a little garden. As I sat on a bench, she asked me to listen to her carefully, little did I know I was about to receive priceless advice.

Looking straight into my eyes and in a hushed voice she said: 'When I look into your eyes I see that sparkle, the sparkle of love and admiration for your little boy. I know that look very well.I also had the same sparkle in my eyes a few years ago when I was surrounded by my children and grandchildren. Now my eyes are dead as I have not seen them in over three years. My child I do not know you I do not know the story of your life but I know that you are a mother and listen carefully to what I am going to tell you from one mother to another. Don't ever sacrifice your life for your children .Don't put your dreams and happiness on hold while you become busy raising this boy. Don't neglect your relationship with your husband and with yourself while you busy chasing after your children. Enjoy your life, make time for yourself and whatever you like to do, do it. Be happy and make lots of memories'.... Tears well up in her tired and wrinkled eyes.'I sacrificed my life for my children and look at me now.I am alone and all I have are memories which sometimes abandon me also.'

This was the sincere advice of an amazing woman, mother, granny and now my friend.I cried with her and as I hugged her tiny frame I could feel the pain, the disappointment and hurt in her heart.The heart of an abandoned mother.

May Allah give all mothers the comfort of being surrounded by her children and grandchildren.  May no mother ever feel abandoned or alone. May Allah purify and fill the hearts of children with love and mercy for their parents always. May the sparkle in the eyes of every mother remain illuminated until she closes them forever and may children never forget to make dua for their parents even after they leave this world.Ameen.

If you want to know the value of a Mother ask the one who just lost their mother.-Naadira Chhipa

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