Sunday, 27 May 2018

The Price of Modesty Written by Naadira Chhipa

When a Muslimah adorns herself with her abaayah and hijaab she is not just adorning herself with a meaningless garment or lengths of fabric but she is practising a Sunnah and also emulating the Queen of Jannah, Hazrath Faatimah (R.A) as well as the shining stars our beautiful Sahaabiyah (R.A). 

We have now truly lost the essence of Modesty as we purchase the latest 'designer' abaayahs at extraordinary prices. Yes, some muslimahs may say but this is a better alternative than a Channel, D&G or Versace garment but my dear sisters we should not even consider the web of brands of this world as we will soon be covered in our plain white kafan. The prices of these branded and sarovski embellished abayaahas are incredibly high as the abaayah or fabric as well as the crystals are imported from the Middle East which is why the price tag is so heavy but the question remains why is there a market for such extravagance? 

Beauty? As women we love glittery as well as beautiful things and No my darling sisters it is not a sin to want something of this dhuniya that makes your heart smile for as long as it does not create a sense of superiority or even an atom of pride within your heart, mind and soul. A simple, reasonably priced as well modest abayaah can become an elegant one of kind garment as you make it your own by beautifying it with your humility and amazing smile. It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it.

Money? Allah has blessed certain people with increasing wealth, Alhamdullilah and even after giving charity they have extra reserves of money so they would not think twice to purchase an abaayah for about R50000(yes fifty thousand). Now they can afford it so why not, right?WRONG! When Allah gave our beloved Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) the option of having mountains turn into gold, did he take it? When the Queen of Jannah asked her beloved father for a servant to assist her with the chores did he immediately oblige her? No. The mercy upon mankind our beloved Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) loved simplicity as well as lived a lifestyle accordingly even though he could have had it all he chose to sacrifice this dhuniyah for the Akhirah thereby giving us a huge lesson in life. If Allah has blessed you with more than you know what to do with it does not give you the right to be extravagant but it is a test from Allah to see if your wealth makes you or breaks you. 

Quality & brands? Some may say the quality of the fabric internationally is much better than local fabrics. My dear sisters we also get the best prices as well as quality in South Africa as all you need is fabric that does tear nor stick to your body. Brands? What brand will you choose for your kafan? Brands have become so important that kafans should now be sold with certain brand names as the person wrapped in that white cloth was never seen in anything either than D&G or Versace whilst walking on this earth.

My beautiful sisters please let us reflect on our shopping this Eid. When you see that amazing abayaah or gorgeous bag just ask yourself for a minute: Will this price tag increase my own value? Will Allah be pleased with me for spending the money that he has gifted to me on this item? Will it cause me an atom of pride or superiority? Now close your eyes and make dua to Allah by saying, Oh Allah I have sacrificed my increasing desire to own this beautiful, yet temporary, worldly item so you give me something more beautiful and amazing in every colour in Jannah. Ameen. Yes this is the dua I make as I pass by the Aldo stores at the mall.

May Allah make it easy for us to understand and realise that we are all just travelling on this temporary journey called life and soon we will all be called back to Allah in the simplest of clothes, a white kafan. Let us not attach our hearts, mind and soul to anything(not even designer abaayahs) as someday soon we will have to leave it all behind as we enter our eternal abode.

Remember: Modesty of the mind.

Modesty of the heart

Modesty of the soul

Modesty of the body

Modesty of a Muslimah is priceless..No price tags attached.

Written by Naadira Chhipa

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