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Revisiting the concept of family in Islam

🌸WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS ON:  Quranic Scholarship and Females by Ustaadhah Ayesha Abrahams🌸

🎤 SPEAKERS AND TOPICS (in alphabetical order) 🎤 

• Amina Ngubane: Amina was born and bred at Willowfountain village in uMgungundlovu. She has worked for Sanzaf-PMB, Verulam Islamic Institute, IMA Baytul-Nur, UKZN and Unisa. She is a disability researcher and an activist.

o Preserving the Muslim family:  A convert’s journey

o To marry or not to marry – is it even a question?


• Ustaadhah Ayesha Abrahams: Ustaadhah Ayesha holds Sanad and Ijazah in the major ten Qira’at as well as the shadh Qira’at (anamolous readings).  She completed a four year course at the Darun Naim Institute for Higher Islamic Studies.  

o Opening Qira’ah on both days

o Talk:  Outstanding female scholars in the field of Qur’an

o Demonstration:  Importance of tajweed through the recitation of short surahs

o Talk:  Explanation of key concepts including Qira’at, Sanad and Ijazah

o Demonstration:  Different Qira’at


• Fatima Juma: Fatima is a skin and health specialist from Durban.  She lost her 12-year-old daughter, Ayesha, one and a half years ago.  Having experienced the healing process herself, she is passionate about assisting individuals who have lost their loved ones to attain a level of calmness and serenity in their lives.  A mother of two, she is excited about her future and what it holds for her.  

o My personal story of experiencing and dealing with loss


• Haafidh Fuzail Soofie: Haafidh Fuzail holds a traditional certificate in Islamic Sciences and has served the Muslim community in South Africa as a community leader, public speaker and writer since 1992.  His weekly educational talks prioritise the spiritual, traditional and scientific dimensions of Islam to meet the unique challenges of the modern era.  As the Imam of the Westville Soofie Mosque in Durban, he facilitates the institution’s pivotal role in the community and spearheads its various charitable projects and educational initiatives.  

o Factors leading to the breakdown of Muslim marriages


• Junaid Bayat: Junaid Bayat hails from Verulam in KwaZulu-Natal.  He is an author, speaker, trainer and lecturer on human performance.  His training is used globally and he is widely known for his Accelerated Learning study system and his contribution to education.  He has coached and trained over 110 000 students and over 10 000 parents and teachers in various topics ranging from parenting to understanding children’s personalities, learning styles and everything relating to millennials.  His vision is to “Transform Education.”

o    Raising a powerful family in the 21st century


• Quraysha Ismail Sooliman: Quraysha is a post doctorate research fellow in the Faculty of Humanities and Mellon Foundation Public Intellectual Project at the University of Pretoria.  She has also studied the Islamic Sciences intensively as is the host of Finding Me on ITV.  Her work includes a strong focus on kindness to animals and an awareness of the environment.  

o    The concept of family in Islam

o     The family and beyond: interrogating our position in the greater family of creation


• Suhaima Hoosen: Suhaima is a specialist family therapist and community advocacy expert.  She taught social work in the department of health sciences at the University of Kwazulu-Natal for 23 years.  She has presented papers and chaired sessions and numerous local and international conferences.  She currently works as a consultant for two international social welfare companies. She holds an honours degree in Social Work, a masters degree in Medical Science and a PhD in Policy Development.    

o    Issues faced by our elderly

o    Dealing with loss 


• Zaffar Ahmed: Zaffar is currently the Chairperson of the Association of Muslim Schools in KwaZulu-Natal, an executive member of the National Association of Muslim Schools, and the Deputy CEO of AWQAF South Africa. He is the principal of the high school at Al Falaah College, which he joined in 2009.  He obtained his teaching qualification (majoring in Accounting and Business Studies) cum laude from the University of Witwatersrand.  He later completed his MBA cum laude and received the Top MBA Student Award.

o Building Family Legacies in this world and the next through Waqf


☕️ THE HOSTS ☕️ 

Now in its seventh year, Muslimah Today is hosted by ILM for Women a branch of ILM-SA.

📌Co-sponsor: AWQAF-SA

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Date: Saturday and Sunday the 15 and 16 September 2018, in sha Allah

Times: Saturday – 8:30am to 5.50pm, Sunday – 9:30am to 5pm

Venue: University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus Senate Chamber

Cost: R400 for the entire weekend, including lunch and tea on both days and a goodie bag

💟Our sponsorship policy💟Muslimah Today is intended to be accessible to women from all walks of life.  We understand that it may not be possible for everyone to afford the conference fee.  We therefore strive to acquire full or partial sponsorships for women who require them.  These are implemented through an application process.  Feel free to enquire about applying for a sponsorship.  Also, feel free to enquire about sponsoring a delegate.


1. Send a WhatsApp to 083 271 4500 or an email to

2. We’ll then send you a short registration form as well as payment details

3. Once you return the completed form and provide us with proof of payment, your place will be       secured in sha Allah.  

4. Deadline for registering:  Thursday, 13th September, 8.30am

5. Telephonic queries may be directed to our office at 031 207 6155



“Muslimah Today is one of the rare Durban events that ladies attend alone and they leave, bonded, as sisters. It is a great start for those who have never attended an event of this calibre, and always on the yearly bucket list for those of us who return year after year. Irrespective of where you are in your life, spiritual or emotional aspirations - Muslimah Today will present you with something to take into your life and enrich it. It is an amazing platform for unity and to grow in sisterhood. Gift yourself something special by attending this year, it will undoubtedly be your first of many to come. Insha'Allah. Wishing the organizers, speakers and all those involved a successful event. They outdo themselves on every level. Hope to see you there!” (Hasina Suliman)

“My eyes were full of tears every time a speaker, spoke - while I videoed or photographed them” (Nabihah Desai-Plaatjes)

“The Muslimah Today conference is the highlight of my calendar. It's time for me to be inspired and meet old friends and make new friends, every moment learning beautiful gems. We are always being introduced to new awesome talented sisters. I cannot put into words how much I look forward for our conference. Love you Fatima for tirelessly striving with Azra and everyone to ensure we are blooming.  Muslimah Today is like Zam Zam to my soul.” (Fahmida Jagot)

“I have attended virtually every single Muslimah Today conference since it was launched and was also invited to speak at one of the sessions. It’s a great networking opportunity, the energy and vibe is awesome and it’s also a safe space for us as Muslimahs to discuss difficult and sensitive issues between us. I always have great conversations with my fellow sisters and catch up with those I have not seen in a while. I highly recommend attending it as it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and socialise at the same time.”  (Lubna Nadvi)

“Have been to other conferences...Muslimah Today is unique. It’s an authentic, sincere, inspiring, moving space. Keeps it real...and so rewarding.” (Mariam Jhaveri)

“As a young student I look forward to this event every year.  Alhamdulillah, it is such a blessing to be amongst women from different ethnic backgrounds that share a common goal with you and that is to learn, be inspired and motivated. Being a part of this conference is like a little get away from the hassle of life. It's some "me time" to be amongst your sisters, just sit back and relax. Usually people think such conferences are just a money making scheme and is usually boring however I can confidently say that Muslimah Today is NOT one of them. Alhamdulillah the speakers are really interesting.  This is a fantastic initiative, I highly encourage sisters from all walks of life to join us in shaa Allah as well as encourage and bring along the youth as well. It is most definitely an uplifting weekend that will not only touch your heart but your soul as well. Looking forward to seeing some new faces this year.” (Homairah Mohamed)

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