Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Sunnah to Women

A very commonly reminded Sunnah to women by their husbands is the permission to marry more than one woman. Here are some of other relevant but very often forgotten and neglected Sunnahs:

1. It’s sunnah to marry older woman.

2. It’s sunnah to marry a divorcee.

3. It’s sunnah to marry a widow. 

4. It’s sunnah to help women in household chores i.e. cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. 

5. It’s sunnah to put food with your hand in your wife's mouth as an expression of love. (graded as a form of charity)

6. It’s sunnah to verbally express love, appreciation and respect to your wife. 

7. It’s sunnah to forgive her mistakes. 

8. It’s sunnah to keep yourself looking pleasant for your wife. 

9. It’s sunnah to try to know the feelings of your wife and console her when she needs it.

10. It's sunnah to be playful with your wife and spend quality time having fun together. (racing, story-telling, sharing happy occassions with her are some well-known examples)

11. It's sunnah to recline and relax in your wife's lap.

12. It's sunnah to call your wife with beautiful names.

13. It's sunnah to not disclose her private matters to other family members or friends.

14. It's sunnah to love and respect her parents

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