Sunday, 30 December 2018

Society stigmas

When a divorced Muslim man remarries quickly after divorce, he's labeled as a dedicated father who needs a wife to help him raise the kids.

When a divorced Muslim woman remarries quickly after her divorce and iddah, she's labeled an immoral hussy who most likely had him waiting on the side until the marriage ended.

When a widowed Muslim man remarries quickly, he's labeled as someone who needs companionship and a woman to take care of his needs.

When a widowed Muslim woman remarries after her iddah, she's labeled as a woman who obviously never loved her poor deceased husband in the first place.

The best of women, the female Companions, were never subject to the disgraceful double standards that exist today.

How do we expect our sisters to remain chaste when our misogynist community considers the end of one relationship to be a permanent expiry date?

(Not everyone views are like this, but the crux of it is still a trend that needs to be tramped out)

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