Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Shaytaan makes us quickly forget the good others have done for us, their kindness & assistance, generosity & favour upon us in the past or when we needed it most.

The height of ingratitude is to harm those who have in fact only benefited us or shown us great kindness.

How can we allow our memories to fail us or our conscience to evaporate when days of desperation in our lives were made easy through the very people we begin to plot against?

If we cannot compensate goodness with similar goodness then the bare minimum would be to compensate it by saving them from any harm coming from us.

Those who cannot show even this much of appreciation are at times the source of the rot in society.

A genuine believer will never forget those who have helped him or her at any stage of his or her life.

Let us learn the true meaning of appreciation...

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