Tuesday, 1 January 2019


You saw her, the young innocent beautiful teenager who just concluded her secondary school education and you have a feeling you want her to be your wife... You approach her and see her parents.

They trust you and ask to see your own parents and gave you their beautifully, well mannered daughter as a wife and the mother of your future children.

Despite being a hard-working girl both in home and school, she finds it difficult to cope because of the complications of her first pregnancy. She thus manage to do all she can to make you happy because she was told to do what you want and everyone keeps mentioning "PATIENCE" when she was about to be brought to your home.

She holds that word "PATIENCE" with high esteem and brings it to practice whenever you shouted or say something she's not happy with.

She has a your first child and things changed alot. She has to take care of you, the baby and makes sure she makes your house a home to you. Deep down in her heart, the zeal she has to continue her education never fades.

On the 3rd year of your marriage, she's already pregnant with another baby, despite you earning more than before, your spent less on her, because you now start having a feeling that she's not beautiful, she's my wife , she must do as I say. So rather than spending time with her , you spend your time and money trying to win other girls ONLINE and OFFLINE.

You don't talk to her anymore except if you need something from her or she wants you to buy something for domestic purpose which in most cases you ignored her and if she repeated it you easily shouted " I heard you the first time ...!!!"

By your 7th marriage anniversary, she has 3 children, and you just want to take another wife because your earnings tripled before.

While your wedding with the girl of your "dreams" is approaching, you ignored her existence while she becomes a shadow in your house. You are busy preparing an extravagant wedding , something your new fiance want, expensive pre wedding pictures, expensive dinner parties etc.... something your wife at home never had and never complain. A week to your wedding , she meet you and told you your younger child needs Pampers and you get angry and started shouting at her. She becomes upset and decided to talk back at you for the first time. You even become more furious and beat her up and then DIVORCED her.

She cried and left to her parents house. Her parents were Shocked because this is the first time she has ever came back home which turns out to be a divorce, while all the ordeals she had experience in your house she never told anybody.

Her parents called you and you lied...you told them that because you're taking another wife, she abused you and your parents, and ask for a divorce because she will not stay while you take another wife.

Her parents believe you and decided to teach her a lesson. Her children were with her so your only focus was on your new Bride. She became depressed and confused. Her mother don't want to talk to her, her father was angry with her, her younger ones don't respect her all because she's now a DIVORCEE.

She cried every night, pray and couldn't sleep. She has 3 children to take care of, she's broke, has no certificate to look for a job and don't even know where to start from.

That's how most DIVORCE WOMEN suffer in our societies. So if you're going to DIVORCE a jobless woman and not ready to take care of your kids...settle her with money to start a business.

Divorce is one of the major causes of POVERTY among women in our societies today.

End Uneccessary Divorce

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