Saturday, 26 January 2019

Words of wisdom

A poor man, on his death bed, offered the following sterling advises to his son. He said:

"Oh my beloved son, make sure you never forget to do these three things in life:

1- Always eat the best food, 

2- Always sleep on the most comfortable bed, 

3- Always reside in the best and most comfortable of homes."

His son replied in great wonder:

"Oh my dear father, you know very well that we are poor, how can I ever do these things?"

With a huge smile, his father replied:

"Firstly, If you only eat when you are truly hungry, you will be eating the most delicious food, 

Secondly, if you work hard, and go to sleep tired, you will sleep on the most comfortable bed every night, 

And thirdly, if you are courteous to people, treat them with dignity and respect, you will reside in their hearts, and that is the best residence and most comfortable of all."

Beautiful words of wisdom - Subhanallah.

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