Monday, 28 January 2019

Xrays at reduced prices

Assalamu Alaikum....

Medical interventions and procedures are very expensive. If you don't have medical aid, forking out large sums of monies for these procedures is virtually unaffordable for many ppl. 

In this week my father in law was sent to JHB to see a doctor who specialises in these procedures. It just happens that I know this doctor from many years back. He had qualified in the late 90's and came to do his community service in Ermelo. He then moved back to JHB. I spoke to him today, and he together with a few Muslim doctors have imported the relevant equipment to do procedures like MRI SCANS, COLONOSCOPIES, OTHER SCOPES and many other procedures. The doctor is Hoosein Sayanwala. These guys do these procedures at a fraction of the price that private clinics and practises charge. They are based next door to Garden City Clinic in Mayfair. Please support these doctors, as they pay the same prices for the equipment as private clinics do, but charge less than half the fee. My father in law was told by his local doctor that he had gout, and had been taking medication for a year or two. Since he went to these guys in the week, they diagnosed something totally different. After a few injections and a day later , he feels much better. Please refer to their website  Please pass on to other individuals and groups, as sawab-e-jaariya, and also as a means of saving ppl money. Wslm

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