Tuesday, 29 January 2019

*YOU & I*

Whoever wrote this is brilliant, we all can learn from it...............

I Can Wear Clothes From PEP And You Could Wear Clothes From Truworths. But We Would Both Have Clothes To Wear. 

You Can Live In A Mansion And I Could Rent A One Bedroom Flat. But We Would Both Have A Roof Over Our Heads. 

You Could Eat At Fancy Restaurants. And Every Night I Can Eat Butter Bread Or Toast And Tea. But We'll Both Have Food In Our Stomach. 

You Can Drive A Lamborghini And I Could Walk. But Either Way We'll Both Reach Our Destination. 

You Could Attend The Best University In The Country. And I Can Attend A Local College. But We'll Both Be Able To Graduate With Degrees And Reach Our Goals. 

In The End Our Graves Will Be The Same Size And We'll All Be Standing In Front Of The Same Allaah. 

Be Thankful For What You Have And For Who You Are. The Only Person You Should Want To Compete With Is Yourself. To Be A Better Person That You Were Yesterday. Even If You Don't Have Much.. Thank Allah For All Your Blessings. 

May Allaah give us the true understanding.


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