Wednesday, 13 February 2019


To many it's another Janazah.

To the wife, she is now called a widow. And to the husband, he is now called a widower. To a child (not matter how old), it's a loss of a parent.

To many once you leave the home, it's life that continues.

To the bereaved, life goes to a standstill. When the soul is returned to its Maker, the name daddy becomes the Janazah.

Not matter how many years will go by, that smile will not be the same. The heart that is shattered, will show in the broken smile.

Tears will continue to flow by even the mention of the name, for the heart that's in pain, a tear is the way to express this.

For death came with no warning and it is what Allah has called for. And to console the heart, the zikr of durood is the balm. 

Life will not bring joy to its fullest, laughter will not be same.

A part of you has left and that part will not be replaced.

Written by Farhana Ismail...

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