Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Ode To Our Wives Mother’s and Sisters !!!

From advocate Naeem Moosa 

Who lost his wife recently 

Ode To Our Wives Mother’s and Sisters !!!

I sit in pure admiration and awe of those women in our life who have made our lives so uncomplicated, simple and full of aafiyat.

Men in this predominantly western society look down upon our women (perhaps not intentionally) who do not work and “sit” at home the whole day. This is the furthest from the truth given my personal experience. Here is a lesson from me to you.

Take this beautiful soul out of your day for just a day and see what chaos reigns. Some of you may be lucky to have your companions return from perhaps a temporary absence. I do not have that luxury. My life partner (my wife) was called to Allah not too long ago.

I have been forced to take on the domestic responsibilities (amongst others) in my home due to this and believe me I have never worked so hard and have never been so tired. This is harder work than a full time job.

Typically your day never ends as there is packing of school bags, homework , school lunches , weekly extra curricular activities to plan for (ballet, swimming, Madressah etc) stationary lists , cakes sales, extra sport at school, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, groceries, meat , chicken, cooking, Ramadan preparations etc etc etc ... it’s a never ending cycle. 

Then it’s other things which you have to worry about if you still have a spouse (his needs, his food, his mood)..... How do you manage ? .... I ask myself.

Getting into the car for a school run is like a military operation with multiple checklists ... shopping before or after the kids ... did I go to the bathroom ..... did I read salaah ..... did I read Quran ... did I eat ... and when you finally leave the imprisonment of your car at 330pm (if you are lucky) after getting in at about midday, you barely can make it out of the car when you get home and once again begins the endless chores that a “sit” at home Mom does.

And (I’m sure) when hubby comes home and says what did you do today ??? The urge to strangle, throttle , stab and do unmentionable things to him is almost impossible to resist.

May Allah reward all our sisters for their immense sacrifices... you are our true unsung heroes and the term “sit” at home is a most inappropriate term and is actually quite condescending and downright degrading.

I want you to know that all your efforts are noted and appreciated ... take a bow. You will be rewarded by the Almighty ISA Ameen summa Ameen.

To my beloved brothers out there, appreciate what you have lest they are taking away from you. Life is very short ... learn from my example. Appreciate all those around you that you may be (whether it is unintentional or not) taking for granted.

A sinful servant of Allah!!!

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