Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Victim of crime

Im not one to post personal issues but, i feel that sometimes its just gives hope and understanding to the many people out there that are experiencing similar turmoil.

Ive always been carefree, not tying my camel so to speak, living my life in full realisation thay Allah is my protector and ive had many incidents that can only be described  as miracles.

Last week Thurday driving home after a stressful day, with emotions all over the shore, i got to the intersection at after thensouthern freeway offramp where i was almost hijacked and then robbed of my belongings. With so many vehicles around me at peak time only one paramedic got off to assist and left, whilst a whole lot of black foreigners surrounded my car and tried to calm me down and move my car off the intersection.

They stayed with me until the cops came. 

There was another indian guy that approached me saying he lived on the street and he would try to find my stuff and he took my number down.

The next day he called and said he found some of my stuff, property keys, my mums id nd my drivers licence. 

The following day he called to say be had my diary ans a booklet and my receipts. 

He wanted much more compensation than i had offered him and i have not received anY other contact from him.

Im the heat of the moment, i. All i could remember is calling a friend, who calmed me down and took the lead in the situation. 

Pls ladies be vigilant of your surroundings.

Dont carry your original id ams drivers licence, rather carry cerrified copies instead. 

The headaches in replacing docs at a time when you are just losing your bearings is just not your normal cup of tea. 

As traumatic the situatuon was, I made shukar that Allah kept me safe and possibly saved me from something worse. 

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