Friday, 19 April 2019

The sins we sow

Mother’s and sisters... of Islam...


She is sleeping, but the angel recorded sin for her.... 

She prayed, but the angel recorded sin for her. She ate, studied, But the angel recorded sin for her too.....

She is silent,  Angels still record her sins....

Then what is her fault ?!........

Apparently, many eyes see photos of her on social media. 

Every time someone sees her photos, the angel records her sin. this is called Sin Jariyah. 

And if she dies but the photos can still be seen by someone, the angel will continue to punish her  (أستغفر الله العظيم )

But Allah (SWT) is Rahman, He is the Most Merciful and He gives us the solution to every problem. By seeking forgiveness, by sincerely asking Allah (SWT) to wipe our slates clean, we can rid ourselves of these Sin Jariyahs. We should also strive to do good deeds to overwrite the bad deeds that we perform and be very careful about our actions, our words, and the overall legacy we leave behind. It can be hard to always be aware of one’s actions and their potential consequences but, once this awareness is developed, we can avoid sins and gain so much reward.

Sister!  "Women in Islam are seen as more precious than diamonds and pearls "

So let us take care of what Allah has given us. Let us delete all our photos on social media because actually there will be devilish eyes that will always stare at us with the aim of slandering us. 

let our beauty become exclusively preserved only for our mahrams.

Keep ourselves protected from fitna, because women who wear niqab are more often exposed to fitna

May Allah (SWT) make us of those who leave ripples upon ripples of good in the world.

And May Allah forgive all our sins (Aameen)..

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