Tuesday, 30 April 2019

When it all boils over....

I've come to realize with a lot of women, when they react, get emotional and get upset it's because they care. Some women haven't reached a high level of maturity yet, so they give up quickly. They haven't learnt how to value things, how to be patient and to understand circumstances. With others, they will bear and bear and bear. But once a threshold is reached, they shut down. And that shut down is significantly worse than any emotional eruption. And then people from the outside will blame their shut down on a small an insignificant event and call them petty. But they forget and overlook everything that took patience and the massive load that person had to tolerate, all the things they had to overlook and that "trivial" matter is what finally sends them overboard. This happens with men too. People give up. They reach their limit.

You see it with mothers, with men who try so hard to give love but those on the receiving end are ungrateful or don't see it, you see it with good employees, you see it in friendships and family situations. Sad really... Many people only notice others when they are no longer receiving from them.

Via Safiyyah Sujee

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